A - S4TL2 S4TL (Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders) is a powerful leadership training program for inbound high school seniors. It is organized annually by a board of directors of Rotarian senior staff from Districts 6890, 6950 and 6960 in mid-Florida. This award-winning program is capable of transforming the lives of these young leaders. Each Rotary club in the three districts may sponsor a delegate to the sessions. More than 150 delegates participate every year.

One of the most unique features of the S4TL program is that delegates, based on their demonstrated leadership, may be invited back to assume progressively more responsible duties. Ultimately, much of the program is driven by student leadership that have developed through the S4TL experience.
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Another interesting element is the “rap sessions” where the leaders of tomorrow are divided into groups of 16-18 delegates. They meet with Rotarians to discuss topics of interest to them. No holds are barred, and both groups learn from one another.

Beginning on Fathers’ Day each year, Rotarians also transport delegates to and from the week-long event held at Florida Southern College in Lakeland.

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