A - RYE logo Rotary District 6890 of West Central Florida is a member of Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) Florida, coordinating international student exchanges with countries all over the world. Each year, over 8,000 high school students participate in the Rotary Youth Exchange program worldwide. The program began in the 1920s, expanding rapidly after World War II. RYE’s primary mission: “To work toward peace and understanding in the world.”

A - RYE1 Rotary Youth Exchange programs in Florida are growing through the efforts of the multi-district organization, Rotary Youth Exchange Florida, Inc. Each of the eight districts in the Sunshine State is committed to promoting Rotary Youth Exchange, and at least half of the districts have been honored with District Achievement Awards at the annual conferences of the North American Youth Exchange Network.

South Central Rotary Youth Exchange members perform with Rotarians Steven Selvick and Jerry Mills. RI Convention, 22 May 2011, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Youth ambassadors are selected based on interviews, courage, adaptability, school recommendations, grades, and interest in cultures and languages. Student families are responsible for the costs to get the student to their placement country: an application fee, orientations, insurance, visa and airfare.

Visit RYEFlorida.org to learn about the District 6890 program.