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List of membership-related publications and reference material. Several dozen resources are described along with direct links to files from

Prior to the 2016, Rotary Club Constitutions were mandated to be uniform from one club to the next. Recent Council on Legislation changes provide for tremendous club autonomy regarding Meetings, Attendance, and Membership Types. This PDF document highlights areas in which Rotary clubs may override constitutional rules through amendments to their (club) bylaws.

Standard Club BYLAWS
Simple template for creating Rotary Club Bylaws to be used in conjunction with the Standard Rotary Club Constitution (above) to articulate rules and procedures for club operations. With new freedom to modify Meetings, Attendance, and Membership Types, special care should be taken to consider unintended consequences as well as impact on neighboring clubs.

Club Membership COMMITTEE
Rotary International resource guide for club membership committees.

District Assembly 2019 MEMBERSHIP Presentation
Membership PowerPoint Presentation delivered during general session of 2019 District Assembly.  Includes slides summarizing key legislative changes providing clubs greater autonomy regarding attendance, meetings, and membership types.  Additional slides (not presented at Assembly) cite examples of alternative membership types.

District Assembly 2019 MEMBERSHIP (PDF)
PDF version of District Assembly 2019 MEMBERSHIP presentation above.

Expanded Rotary International document discussing 2016 Council on Legislation changes related to Meetings, Attendance, and Membership Types. Includes frequently asked questions, examples, and links to additional resources.

Membership LEADS Summary (2 pgs)
Brief summary of Rotary International “Membership Leads” program.  Club Presidents, Club Membership Chairs, and Assistant Governors all have access to the Membership Leads platform through My Rotary.

Membership LEADS PowerPoint (25 pgs)
Expanded Rotary International presentation of the “Membership Leads” program.  Club Presidents, Club Membership Chairs, and Assistant Governors all have access to the Membership Leads platform through My Rotary.

Membership LEADS PowerPoint – PDF (25 pgs)
PDF version of expanded Rotary International “Membership Leads” presentation above.

Rotary Club Health Check (12 pgs)
Rotary International publication providing a checklist for assessing Rotary club status in categories that include meeting experience, service and social interaction, membership culture, image, and operations.

Rotary Membership Assessment Tools (48 pgs)
Rotary International “all things membership” guide to assessing and planning an effective club growth strategy. The 48-page publication includes questionnaires, surveys, and templates that may be used independently or as part of a larger membership initiative.

The recent Council on Legislation simplified the language regarding potential member qualifications, replacing the previous wording with the statement, “A person of good character.” This single page New Member Proposal form incorporates that language into a simplified document that includes a checklist for bringing new members into a club. Individual club bylaws and practices may vary.

MyRotary & DACdb ACCESS
Two of our most important tools for Rotary communication, education and reference are and All Rotarians should be registered users of both sites. In fact, for a few years, the annual RI Presidential Citation has included an element for clubs to have a targeted percentage of their members registered at MyRotary. This single page document walks new members through the process of MyRotary registration as well as first time log-in and profile updates for DACdb. It is ideal to share with new members as part of their Rotary orientation.

2018 District 6890 Membership Seminar “Club Growth Summit” Presentations

Presentation documents below are excerpts from the 2018 District Membership Seminar held at the Bartow Library on August 25th. In most cases, they are merely outlines of discussion topics, not designed to provide the content detail that was provided by speakers.

Membership Types (Ed Odom)
Outline of 2018 District 6890 Membership Seminar with focus on club flexibility regarding membership types. Please see other reference documents (e.g., Membership Flexibility above) or contact Ed Odom for more details.

Reaching Young Professionals (Gema Mora)
Discussion of various communication tools and apps used by the Rotaract Club of Tampa to reach young professionals. Engaging this key demographic is critical for the future of Rotary.

Rotary Means Business (Craig Miller)
New local business networking group(s) exclusive to Rotarians. Rules, gatherings, practices, dues, etc. are determined by each local RMB chapter. This presentation focuses on RMB Tampa Bay – the only group currently in District 6890. As many as three or four RMB chapters may be suitable for our district.

Satellite Rotary Clubs (Dawn Carson & Elijah Heath)
While most satellite clubs organize for the purpose of chartering a new Rotary club, the Rotary Club of FishHawk-Riverview After Hours operates purely as an extension of the original noon lunch club. Members have found greater flexibility to remain engaged while still enjoying the “strength in numbers” of the larger, combined club.


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Rotary Public Image Resources:

2017-2018 Rotary District 6890 District 6890 Public Image GRANT

Effective Public Image Strategy Handout
Single page outline of key PI elements.

Effective PI Strategy PPT (coming soon)
Full PPT presentation given at the 7/23/2016 PI Seminar

Marketing-PI Worksheet
Worksheet for tracking Marketing & Public Image activities.


Visit The Rotary Foundation (TRF) to learn more about programs, accomplishments and areas of focus. Many areas of the RI website will require log-in to MyRotary will also allow individuals to access their own personal history of giving to The Rotary Foundation.

Club Memorandum of Understanding
In addition to having attended the most recent annual Foundation Grants Workshop (part of District Assembly), clubs are required to submit this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), acknowledging an understanding of TRF Grant funding guidelines and pledging governance of funds.

Completed MOU must be signed by the club president for the “spending” year (i.e., current president, if submitted during the project year; president- elect, if submitted prior to the project year). Only one signature is required. Submit to District Grants Chair.

District Grant Application
Use this simple, one-page form to request up to 50% of your club’s available DDF money to be used toward an eligible DISTRICT Grant project. Participating clubs must have had a representative attend the most recent annual Foundation Grants Workshop (part of District Assembly) and submitted the MOU form (above).

Complete the DISTRICT Grant Application Form and submit to District Grants Chair as indicated at bottom of form.

DDF Transfer Form
Use this simple, one-page form to transfer DDF to another club’s project. Up to 50% of your club’s available DDF may be transferred to a qualifying DISTRICT Grant project. All available DDF may be transferred to a qualifying GLOBAL Grant project. Clubs may also opt to transfer any portion of their DDF to PolioPlus. Please note that transfers to PolioPlus are not credited as individual club giving, since the money was already recognized as part of the club’s original gift to TRF Annual Fund three years prior.

Complete the DDF Transfer Request and submit to District Grants Chair as indicated at bottom of form.

TRF – Basic Outline
Single page, simplified graphic illustration of basic funding model for The Rotary Foundation. This is a helpful tool to introduce new Rotarians to the concept of our Rotary Foundation or as a lead in to the District 6890 DDF Allocation process.

TRF-DDF Allocation Funds Flow
Single page, flow-chart example of funds flow from original contribution to TRF Annual Fund to allocation of District Designated Funds (DDF) and club decisions. Includes bullet point elements for DISTRICT Grants v. GLOBAL Grants.

TRF-DDF Allocation Presentation (PPT)
Multi-page PowerPoint presentation used during annual Grants Workshop. Includes TRF Basic Outline (above) and District 6890 DDF allocation process as well as examples for consideration. Resources and deadlines are toward the end of the presentation.

TRF-DDF Allocation Presentation (PDF)
Same as above, in PDF format.